Ole Lillelund : Psyrrealistic Songs of Loud Sound Devotion

DKK 100

Ole Lillelund: Psyrrealistic Songs of Loud Sound Devotion, The Poetic Bureau, 2013, paperback in English, 384 pages, 200 DKK

This collection of Ole Lillelund’s English songs, written everywhere and in between from Hamburg to Surabaya during the last five decades, is now published to remind the international audience, from the black bum on the forsaken streets of Hoboken to the dragonchaser deep in some den in Peshawar, – were they by a sleight-of-hand of fate or another such dealer to obtain a copy of it, – that sympathy is real and palpable, that darkness keeps beating its drum behind the sexless uniform march of the braindead zombiepop generation, and that poetry is still alive and kicking and currently bleeding black through the pen of this not at all Ole man.